Sustainability Vision

We have a vision to be the most sustainable major performing arts festival in Greece.

For some years we have been working towards making Greek Islands Festival a more sustainable event. But the  Festival sees us take a much more serious step to achieve this. We have made a commitment towards fully understanding our impact and identifying ways to minimize the negative and maximize the positive environmental, social and economic legacies of Greek Islands Festival.

Meeting our vision

With an estimated audience of 200 000, over 20 venues with performances by over 200 artists from Greece and abroad, the impact of resource consumption, waste creation, transportation, and greenhouse gas emissions is considerable.

In collaboration with our artists, venues, suppliers, staff, crew, volunteers and, importantly, with our audience together we can meaningfully reduce our resource consumption, waste creation, and our greenhouse gas emissions, so that together we meet our vision for a truly Sustainable Greek Islands Festival.

We will be enlisting your help to reduce our impact because; we believe that together we really can make a difference.

To read our full vision of sustainability, download the PDF here.